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With hosted VOIP you get a cloud based number, so even if you move out of your geographical area you can still take that number with you where ever you go.

Why choose Our hosted VOIP?

Replacement of Existing Telephone Systems.
Replacement of Work Based Mobiles
All the functionality of a fully blown “Corporate Grade
Telephone system”, at a fraction of the price.

How does it work?
We have a cluster of hardware based across several resilient Data Centres, all of which are
interconnected by amesh of high speed data links.These systems allow us to provide youwith anywherefrom 1to 10,000 extensions for your users to usein asmany locationsas you need,anywhere in theworld. Because we fully support open standards we then help you to connect anySIP enabled phone, offering a range for you to choosefrom. You can also provide your own phone (BYOD or 'Bring your own device'), use soft-phones (PC/MACbased) or mobile clients (android / iOS) - it's your choice. That means that you can be connected on almost any device anywhere in theworld that you have web connectivity. That could be an office in Aberdeen, a hotel in Shanghai or on a Wifi hotspot in Cardiff. We can even provide the connectivity for your offices, so that your systemis fully supported by one provider for one fixed price.

What features can I use?"
The system is VERY feature rich and includes all of the functions you would expect including:


- HoldCall    - Call Transfer    - Call Parking    - Click to call    - 999 Emergency Calls    - Call Me - API    - SendSMS    - ReceiveSMS    - PatternMenu    - Call back    - Queues    - Call history
- Onlineinvoices Voicemail    - Faxto Email    - FaxtoMailbox    - AlertsWizard    - Add User
- Class of service    - Conferences    - Automatic Page    - Announce Page Group    - Web url
- Pick upgroups    - Top list    - Number allocation    - Call Recording    - Hunt Groups
- Import for Setups    - IVR Menus    - Call Screening    - Whisper Announcement    - Force
- Call Name    - Temporary Routing - Sip address routing -Music on hold (moh)
- Remote access    - Rate plan view    - User control    - Force Call Name - Numbering Menu
- DND(Do not Disturb)    -CallWaiting    - Call Diversion    - Time&Day Routes
- Caller IdRoutes    - Fax spam blocker    - FeatureCodes    - Force hangup    - Active call list
- Live call pricing    - Call announcement-

How much does it cost?

With prices starting as little as £55.00 for one person, one fibre line, unlimited minutes to UK Landlines & Mobiles & many other features you can be sure we are offering a competitive price system.